Wheel Torque Check

Protect Your Tires and Yourself
Tires are important. They keep your car from rolling away and they help you go faster so it's easier to get places! To make sure yours work properly, have a wheel torque check twice per year - once in the spring when there is less moisture on roads, and again before winter chill sets in for added safety. Skidz Mobile Tire vans will come to your home or office with everything needed for this service at no extra charge!

If you're not sure what all those fancy numbers on the side of tires mean (or even if that number matches up!), time to call an Skidz mobile tire van near me today. The team can handle wheels during their routine visit as well as any other maintenance services while they’

What is Wheel Torque and How Do You Check It?
With lug nuts, it's easy to over tighten or under tight your wheels. When you try the "softer" method and find out later that they're not tightened enough, then what? You can always go back for more--but at a cost! If on the other hand you overtighten them too much to compensate for being soft before going in again soon've got issues with breakage. The best bet is just getting those tires snug from day 1 so as to avoid costly (and dangerous) mistakes down the road.

What Happens if My Wheel Torque is Too Tight or Too Loose?
Overtightening lug nuts can have disastrous consequences. Besides making it difficult to remove them, they could strip the threads from either your nut or bolt and break off bolts themselves. If not tightened properly, a wheel may come loose while driving which would be very dangerous! Make sure you get torque checked every time you receive tire service for confidence that all wheels are fastened tightly and securely in place

Why Do I Need a Wheel Torque Check?
You're probably not the only one who's been stuck in a rut, but if you want to avoid getting bogged down by your tires and can't get out of it then don't worry! A wheel torque check is an excellent way to get back onto track. Anyone with new or replaced wheels should have their tire torque checked 50 miles after they replace them for safety purposes and so that performance isn’t compromised.

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